Why Choose Dealer Car Service?

Sure, you could sell your car at auction for high fees and on their schedule. But why? Upgrade to minimum fees and sales potential 24/7.

  • No Buyer Fees
  • Buy or Sell 24/7
  • Minimum Monthly Fee

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The Benefits of Dealer Car Service

Auctions run thousands and tens of thousands of units with buyers fees up to $350 or more, with some percentages on top of that up to 4.5%. On top of these per-unit fees, many auctions require an annual fee of $99 or more simply to be allowed access to their facilities. Fees on top of fees in an industry where consumers are keeping their vehicles longer and shopping for better prices – this makes no sense.

Enter Dealer Car Service. An online advertising platform for dealers, to dealers. A very reasonable, flat monthly fee to post your vehicles for sale. Available 24/7.

The benefits of choosing Dealer Car Service:

  • No buyer fee
  • Flat, monthly fee for sellers
  • Inventory available to view 24/7/365
  • Each listing is posted to the Dealer Car Service Facebook feed
  • Each subscriber receives their own inventory listing page

We appreciate your interest in Dealer Car Service!

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