Dealer Car Service Partner Ads

Dealer Car Service offers eight (8) limited advertising opportunities throughout the Dealer Car Service Platform. These spots are an opportunity for dealerships and service providers to enjoy a special callout to their business or organization. Prices for the ad spots vary depending on their location in the advertising carousel.

These are great for dealerships that do a lot of wholesale volume, dealerships with their own wholesale site, transporters, or auctions catering to the wholesale market.

Each spot is accompanied by a 148x116px image and a link to a location of the customer’s choice. It is recommended that the link be to the relevant business noted in the image. Please note that Dealer Car Service reserves the right to remove any image or link that is deemed unacceptable for the platform.

Partner Ad Example
Partner Ad Dimensions

Ad costs range from $225/mth to $75/mth. Yearly placements can be purchased at a two-month discount. A $225/mth ad costs $2,700. Paying the year in advance results in a $450 savings, making the yearly cost just $2,250. Likewise a $75/mth ad costs $900 for the year. Paying the year in advance results in a $150 savings, making the yearly costs just $750.

Along with advertising on the Dealer Car Service platform, Partners enjoy a monthly 15% discount on up to 2 memberships for the duration they are an advertising partner in good standing.

If you are interested in advertising with us, please contact [email protected] for more information.